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Caleb Through The Years Book

Includes Volumes 1-4 in one spiral bound book.

This unique 4 volume overview of therapy strategies and outcomes features a child diagnosed with
agenesis of the corpus collasum from 3 years 1 month until age 11. After being involved in a home
based birth-to-three program Caleb is seen in a clinic based therapy setting where the majority of
the therapy strategies discussed are provided.

Each of the volumes includes a 100 to 120 minute edited and narrated DVD featuring actual therapy
activities, home carryover education and therapist patient interactions. In addition, each of the booklets
is referenced using research materials pertinent to the materials being discussed. Direct quotes from
various materials are included in each text.

Volume three includes paperwork of actual therapy sessions and notes. The daily notes are
complete with treatment codes, therapy interventions used, outcomes observed and thearpy goals
being addressed. The three month progress note includes progress on specific goals, impairments,
functional consequences and short as well as long term goals. A note to the doctor focuses on
therapist impressions based on previous interventions in addition to concerns regarding
orthopedic and physiatrist concerns.

This complete series follows Caleb until he is discharged from out patient therapy at age eleven. One
of the most unique and interesting aspects of this patient is his physical presentation that is
frequently labeled spastic diplegia and his processing deficits secondary to the lack of connection
between his right and left sides of his brain. This 4 volume set provides example upon example of
the need to treat the motor and sensory systems in patients who present with complex
neurological integration and organization challenges.

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